Empower yourself to change situation in your life and the lives of others with prayer.Learn how to be your own Intercessor. When you learn how to be your own Intercessor, you will soon learn that it is really not about you but about God.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

A difficult step

Let see...
Where are you now...
You have learned how to pray for yourself.......
You have learned to put on your spiritual glasses......
You have learned how to talk the talk...........
You have learned how to shift from praying for your own needs to praying for others........
You have prayed for someone for a day.........
Let's go to another step..............
Probaly one of the most difficult steps you could take..........
Pray for someone who you might not really like.............
We all have that person in our lives that we don't like.........
They have hurt us, they were mean to us, they misunderstood us, they laughed at us.......
Whatever it is there is that person who when ever we hear their name, your stomach starts to churn.....
Well start praying for that person......
Now don't pray for something bad to happen to that person........
That is not the way..............
Start blessing that person......
Start praying that they will be blessed financially
Start praying that they have more than they ever wanted...
Start praying for God to do wonderful things in that person's life....
It's hard I know but remember
It's not about you........
It's about you showing God that you are the person that He wants you to be.
Now guess what is going to happen.
God is going to realize that you have what it takes to be one of His own
God is going to bless you because you care for one of His own.

Be Your Own Intercessor: Move Up Another Step

Be Your Own Intercessor: Move Up Another Step

Move Up Another Step

Keep on praying for others.
But get ready to go up to another step.
Today, pray a little longer for someone else.
Pick someone who you know is in need of prayer. Just one person.
It can be a friend, spouse, family member, boss, etc...
If you want to, contact that person and tell them that you are praying for them today and find out if there is anything they want you to pray about.
You don't have to contact the person if you do not want to.
Pray for them all day today.
In your prayer make sure to
.....pray in the name of Jesus
.....bless them.
.....ask God for His Will in their life.

Expect a miracle in that person's life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A simple start

Ok so you will try it..
You don't have to run out and print... "I'll pray for you "cards.
Not now at least :-)
Today try this today:
Everytime you hear sirens pray that Jesus will send help to those persons in need
When the "breaking news" banner goes up on the new cast, pray that Jesus will help the situation.
When you see the homeless along the side of the road..Pray that Jesus will come into their lives.
When you see a mother struggling with a fussy child ..Pray that Jesus will send peace.
When you are at the check out counter and your cashier has a problem..Pray that Jesus will step in and make the situation right.
When someone cuts you off in traffic..Pray that Jesus sees that person to their destination safely.
When someone has done something to you that causes you to hurt...Pray that Jesus will bless them
Try this today.

So it's really not all about ME???

By now I hope that you have developed some tools to pray for yourself and get answers to your prayers.
Now is the time to realize that the entire time you are praying for yourself and your needs, you are actually developing a strong bond with God.
God wants us to talk to Him. In the greatness of our God, our God takes delight anytime you speak with Him. God longs for us to draw Him into our lives.
But did you know that it is not always about you!!!
I want you to learn to take the focus off of your problems and focus on the needs of others.
I know I know
You have so many things going on in your own life.
You have so many unmet needs in your life.
You have so many things that you need to pray for in your life.
I know I know
I go through this EVERY day.
I use to ask the question..How can I pray for someone else when there is so much going on in my life??
Well God will let you know that....It's not about you.
If you have prayed to God regarding your situations, you should know that God's got it.
But what about the people who can't even pray?
Who is the voice for them??
Believe it or not...you are
Yes that's correct
The person who has so much going on in your life.
The person who has so many unmet needs
The person who has so much to pray for in your own life.
Now before you run away let me ask you to wait please.
There is a bonus
When you can pray for others, you are going to be blessed.
I mean what I say.
There is something that happens to you and your unmet needs when you take the focus off of them and start praying for others.
If you think that what I am saying is not true...try it.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

P.U.S.H.-Pray until something happens

Pray until something happens.
A couple of years ago, I heard a pastor say that you should only pray for something once.
I tried in vain to follow that notion but I kept finding myself going back to the same thing and praying over and over again for it.
I would sometimes start my prayer out with. In the name of Jesus, Father God I know that you are the Almighty and you encompass everything. I know that I have prayed for this before and I am sorry to be praying again about it. I know God that you have already heard my prayers but I am still looking for the answer.
Next, my prayers would be something like. In the name of Jesus, Father God I am worried because I have not seen the answer to my prayers yet.
Finally the prayers would be In the name of Jesus, Father God I have come to you with my prayers and I am going to keep coming to you until I see the answer. Your word state.(I would quote the scripture) and I am standing on that. In the name of Jesus, I know that you are preparing great and wonderful things for me and You have the answer to my prayer. In the name of Jesus, I am just asking you for patience while I wait for your answer.
believe it or not, I usually got the answer to my prayer after the last prayer that I just shared with you.
I had to give up on the notion to just pray for something once because I finally realized a couple of things.
First, each time I am praying, I am still developing the relationship between God and myself.
Each time I am praying, I am asking Jesus to step in.
Each time I am praying, I am giving up the battle and turning it over to the Lord
Each time I am praying, I am learning more and more scripture
Each time I pray, I develop some strength and power. The first couple of my prayers I was faint and begging.
At the end of those prayers, I developed some power and strength.
Did you see what just happened?
The birth of an Intercessor.
Someone who has the power to say to Satan---MOVE
Someone who is willing to P.U.S.H. Pray until something happens.


Ok, by now you should be feeling pretty strong in your faith.
You should now find yourself praying for yourself and believe it or not you are most likely praying for someone else.
Things are going to be just great right?
Yes and No
The good thing about praying for yourself and for others is that you are building a very close relationship with the two Most important people in your life....God and Jesus
But sometimes, just sometimes you are choked.
These are the times when things come at you like a storm instead of simple raindrops.
These days you are going to feel so choked and overwhelmed that you can't pray for yourself let alone others.
There is a simple solution.
The name is Jesus.
That is right.
All you have to say is Jesus
There is power in His name.
So if all day you are just saying Jesus, it's ok.
He will understand what you are feeling.
Jesus will fix it.