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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Is It Ok For Me To Pray For Myself??

In the beginning of my Christian walk, I use to feel a little selfish praying for myself. I use to wonder if I should be doing this?
Well I had to first look at what I was praying for.
Things like let me win the lottery.
Now I would never get upset if I won the lottery but there are so many basic things that I had to learn to pray for.
Start praying today for yourself.
Yes it is ok to pray for yourself.
But watch what happens.
Once you start praying for yourself and your needs something is going to happen.
Somewhere in your prayers you are going to call out someone else's name.
Unless you live in a cave with no interaction with an one, there are people in your life that effect you.
When you start praying for yourself then you are going to add a husband, child, parent, friend, etc.
These are the people who are involved in your life as well as you being involved in their life.
Do you see what happened??
Even though you are praying for yourself, you are also praying for someone else.
I think and Intercessor is being born.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Prayer Partners

The word says "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:19-20
It is always a good idea to have a prayer partner (if you are comfortable with this). A prayer partner is someone who you partner with to lift up the name of Jesus. If you attend a church you might want to call your pastor to find out if he has a list of prayer partner. Some of the Tv ministries have prayer partner that you can also contact. You can even search the internet for prayer partners.
A prayer partner is a person that you can fellowship with. A prayer partner is someone to remind you of the promise in the Word of God. A prayer partner is someone who can pray for you and you can pray for them.
Do you see what happened? You are praying for your prayer partner.
I see a great Intercessor being born.
Now sometimes you can not find a prayer partner or you are just not comfortable with the idea. Does this mean that your prayers will not be heard?
Of course not.
Consider this, Jesus is our Intercessor. We can always ask in Jesus name to have our prayers heard.

Praying 101

Let's jump right into the praying thing.
I use to be a Catholic and was use to memorizing many prayers .
I can still quote a bunch of them now.
The problem is that I never really took the time to understand anything that I was saying.
It was just enough for me to know them.
When I became a born again Christian lifestyle, I thought I was going to have this prayer thing under control because I had a belt full of prayers.
Well what I found is that I could not pray.
I was use to going to confession and speaking to a priest and having the priest tell me what prayers to say.
I was absolutely lost when it came to prayer.
First of all I did not feel that I had all of the "good" words to be heard.
I thought that I had to have a lot of thee's and thou's.
A good friend told me, just talk to Jesus like you would talk to a friend.
The Lord of Lords and King of Kings is going to listen to me when I say-Hey Jesus?
The answer is yes.
Jesus and God know who you are and trust me that the more you pray the more powerful you will become.
So if you are beginning to pray, keep it real.
There is only one thing that is required. You must acknowledge Jesus in your prayer.
The word says "Jesus answered "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me..."John 14:6
So you must pray through Jesus Christ.
Remember that Jesus is our Intercessor.
Think of it as the chain of command.
You will develop your own method of acknowledging Jesus in your prayer, but here are a few ways to help you.
After you have prayed, say...In Jesus' name..Amen
During your prayer you may start each prayer off ..Lord Jesus, I pray..... Lord Jesus, I ask...
During your prayer you say after your request .. I pray that.... In Jesus name.. I ask for .... In Jesus name...
Now there is another important element of your prayer and that is the praise.
Sometimes people tell me that they are so stressed by their problems that they just can not see "the light at the end of the tunnel".
Sometimes people feel that they have to be happy in order to praise.
The Praise in your prayer is the element that moves your prayer to the "attention getting"mode.
No I am not saying that God listens to one prayer and not the other. God hears all prayers.
But.. there is something about the Praise in the prayer that attracts God.
God stops and says..wait a minute!
My child is in pain, my child is in trouble, my child needs help in their situation but they can still Praise me.
Do you see what just happened?
You took your attention off of your problems (even if it is just for a second) and put your attention on God.
I see the making of a great Intercessor :-)
So back to the Praise thing.
I know that you often say, I just can not see anything to praise about right now.
Let me help you out.
This is the Praise that I often have to say when I am in one of those moods.
Lord Jesus, I just want to thank Father God for waking me up today because somewhere someone did not wake up this morning.
Think about it.
You have another day! Even if it is problem filled, you have another day.
Give praise.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What we believe Posted by Hello

What happens after I turn my life over to Jesus?

Ok so you have prayed the Prayer of Salvation and you are now a born again Christian.
The good times are ready to roll! Right??
Yes and No
The most important thing is to make the turn from a life of sin to a life with God. You did that when you prayed the Prayer of Salvation.
Now comes a difficult part of your life but a part of your life that you have the power to rule over.
Let me explain,
Have you ever been shopping and the clerk forgot to take off the security tag once you have paid for the item?
The moment you go through that security check point, an alarm goes off. At that moment all of the attention is on you. Someone approaches you and ask for the receipt and then checks the items in your bag. After the investigation, you are free to leave.
I don't know about you but there was a time that this would really bother me.
I would wonder why did I have to go through the public investigation and the cashier just kept on with her job.
It wasn't my fault it was the cashiers fault...Right?
(Just to let you know that once you continue in your Christian walk, these things won't bother you as much)
I make this illustration to show you that once you have prayed the Prayer of Salvation, you are just like that item with the security tag sill on it.
You have already been bought and paid for by Jesus but you have crossed through the security check point that the enemy has set up.
The alarm is letting Satan know that you are escaping him.
I wish I could tell you that Satan is going to say..Ok well goodbye.
The alarm is letting Satan know that you are getting away from him. He is not going to take that lightly.
Even thought you are covered by the blood of Jesus, Satan is still going to try.
Remember that whether you have gone to alter call or if you prayed the Prayer of Salvation here, you have just put Satan on notice. You have told him that he has been replaced. That Jesus now runs things for you.
This is a dangerous time for you.
It is also an exciting time for you because you are in the middle of a fight. There are two people fighting over you. But to God be the Glory because Jesus always wins.
In the next couple of days and maybe weeks, everything that can SEEM to go wrong is going to go wrong.
Notice that I put emphasis on SEEM
It you have told a bunch of your friends and family that you are now a born again Christian, expect some problems.
They are going to Seem to label you as a Jesus Freak and making you feel isolated.
They are going to Seem to remind you of the things that you use to do.
They are going to Seem to avoid you because they don't want you telling them what is wrong in their lives.
Don't worry
Next, it may Seem as if your finances situation is getting worst instead of better. It may Seem as if every bill that you owe turns up in your mailbox in the same day.
Sometimes it may Seem as if your prayer are going unheard.
It may Seem as if you do not get as much attention in church as when you went to alter call.
Don't worry
Satan is going to Seem to have complete control of your life.
How can that be??? You just became a born again Christian
Satan is going to try his best to get you back. He will cause all sorts of commotions in your life.
Just when you think that you can not take it anymore, Satan will whisper in your ear..Where is your Jesus now??
Satan is going to ask you.. If you are such a favorite of Jesus the Savior and God the Father..Why are all of these things happening to you??
I want you to learn and say this sentence often: The devil is a liar!
With everything that might be going on in your life at this moment, Know that God Is In Control.
Satan has no real power when you compare the power of God.
Satan makes things SEEM worst than what they really are.
It may Seem as if everyone is calling you a Jesus Freak and you feel isolated.
The truth is that people are going to call you things in front of your face and behind your face. I would much rather be called a Jesus Freak than some other names that people can call me. Also,
when you become a Jesus Freak, you are among millions and millions so you are not alone.
It may SEEM as if people are reminding you of the things that you use to do.
The truth is that we are all sinners. The only perfect person was Jesus and He died with our sin on Him. We have all sinned in one form or another. Sin is sin. God does not have a tally sheet in Heaven where using drugs equals 10 points and lying equal 2 points. All sin is equal in God's eyes.
The truth is when someone reminds you of what you use to do in the past, just know that the minute you repent of your Sins, Jesus does not remember anymore.
It may SEEM as if your friends and family are avoiding you. You see, people know that you have made a change and they are afraid that you are going to change their life also. They may not be ready to give up living a sinful life.
The truth is that many of your friends and relative may envy you because you were strong enough to make the change. Just be a good example for them because many of them are waiting to see if you make it before they make the change.
It may SEEM as if your financial situation is going astray.
The truth is that you are going to learn about blessings that God has for you.
It may SEEM as if your prayers are going unheard.
The truth is that your prayers are being heard. You are going to learn how to Wait for the answer.

So knowing all of this, stay strong in your decision to be borned again. After the investigation, you are going to be able to go on. Just like you would if you were in the store and the security alarm went off. After the investigation you are allowed to go on through.
The same is true of your choice. Satan is going to try but he will now succeed and he know that.
You have just gone through..


Monday, March 14, 2005

Why should I learn to pray when I can ask someone else to pray for me?

First let me say that there is nothing wrong with asking people to pray for you.
I am an Intercessor and I pray for people all of the time.
There have been many times that I have had to ask for prayer.
But I want you to know that there are going to be some times when you can not call someone.
How about those midnight hours problems. Can you call someone at 2 am to ask them to pray for you?
For this reason, I want to empower you to know that you have the power. The power to pray yourself and have God hear you.
The #1 Intercessor is Jesus. The word says "Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me". . . John 14:6
From what we know about Intercessors, we understand that Jesus stands between God and ourselves.
Jesus pleads our case to the Father.
So the first thing that you should do (if you have not already) is to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
If you know that Jesus is going to intercede for you to the Father, isn't that someone who you want in your corner?
Simply say the following prayer out loud:

Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name I repent of my sins and open my heart to let Jesus come inside of me.Jesus, You are my Lord and Savior. I believe you died for my sins and you were raised from the dead. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Thank You Father for saving me in Jesus' name. Amen.

Is that it?
Yes that is it. You have been reborn.
If you would like to have a Spiritual Birth Certificate visit http://www.prayingscriptures.com/questionaire/spiritualbirthcertificate.htm
So things are going to get easy now right??
Yes and No.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Here We Go!!!!!

Well I was one of those who said I would not get caught up in the blogging craze.. Well here I am.

So you are interested in becoming an Intercessor? Your own Intercessor?

I guess the first place to begin is by defining what an Intercessor is?

Some would like to have a long lengthy description of what an Intercessor is but I prefer the simple definition....an Intercessor stands between.

That is right..an Intercessor stands between.

Ok great..that sounds easy right?? Ready to be an Intercessor?

Before you run around telling people that you are now an Intercessor...consider this.

It is what an Intercessor is standing between where things get interesting.

An Intercessor stands between a person and pretty much the enemy.

Who is the enemy

Some call him satan, the prince of darkness, the liar,the devil, etc...

What ever you call him, the Intercessor has told the enemy that he is going to have to give up the ground and give up the tricks and leave you alone.

Wait don't run. You can do it. You really have the power to take on the enemy and win.