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Friday, April 08, 2005

The luggage that you are suppose to carry around

Back in the days, I use to carry a purse that was equal to a suitcase. Every emergency that could come up, I had the answer in my purse. If there was room for the kitchen sink I would have put it in my purse.

Several years ago, we were visiting my parents in Maryland. We decided to take the children to see all of the sights in Washington DC. Every time we went into a building my purse had to go through the metal detector.

I had to wait along the side while everything in my purse was taken out and displayed to everyone. During one of the purse searches, I actually took a look at the things I was carrying around.

I had a syringe, a spoon, some toy cars, makeup, bandages, dolls, riverbanks, you name it, it was there.

Now I had the syringe and spoon because my children have asthma and they were on medication but if you just look at the things differently, you would think that I was a using drugs. :-)

Well those days are over. I usually carry just my keys and wallet. But there is something that I carry that is more important than my keys. More important than my wallet.

I carry a prayer journal.

This is the luggage that you are suppose to carry around.

I carry a prayer journal because every person that I come across that needs prayer I have to enter it into my prayer journal.

The reason you need to carry your prayer journal with you is because you can run into someone early in the day that needs prayer. You can pray for that person right then and there but later on you may want to pray again for that person.

With everything that goes on in a day, it might be hard to remember the person that you prayed for. It may even be a day where instead of God putting just one person in your life, God places 20 people.

Enter these people into your prayer journal.

You can use your prayer journal to review those who need prayer. Remember that we pray until God tell us to stop praying. Sometimes it is one time sometimes it is months of prayer. God lets you know.

Do you have to go out and buy something special something expensive??

Not in the Kingdom of God!!!

Use a notebook, pad, whatever you have around.

Keep it with you always.

So now you are thinking...do I really have to do this??

Well the answer is yes and no.

You do not have to anything that you do not feel like doing.

Remember that one of the gifts we have is "Free Will"

You do not have to carry a prayer journal and sometimes God may tell you that you do not have to carry one...

But here is something I learned.

God loves to test His people.

If He did not test us then He wouldn't know where we are. And where He needs to work in our lives.

So when someone comes my way for prayer, I am going to carry my prayer journal and enter their name. I do not know sometimes if God put that person in my life just to see if I would pray for them.....


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