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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A simple start

Ok so you will try it..
You don't have to run out and print... "I'll pray for you "cards.
Not now at least :-)
Today try this today:
Everytime you hear sirens pray that Jesus will send help to those persons in need
When the "breaking news" banner goes up on the new cast, pray that Jesus will help the situation.
When you see the homeless along the side of the road..Pray that Jesus will come into their lives.
When you see a mother struggling with a fussy child ..Pray that Jesus will send peace.
When you are at the check out counter and your cashier has a problem..Pray that Jesus will step in and make the situation right.
When someone cuts you off in traffic..Pray that Jesus sees that person to their destination safely.
When someone has done something to you that causes you to hurt...Pray that Jesus will bless them
Try this today.


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