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Friday, March 18, 2005

Praying 101

Let's jump right into the praying thing.
I use to be a Catholic and was use to memorizing many prayers .
I can still quote a bunch of them now.
The problem is that I never really took the time to understand anything that I was saying.
It was just enough for me to know them.
When I became a born again Christian lifestyle, I thought I was going to have this prayer thing under control because I had a belt full of prayers.
Well what I found is that I could not pray.
I was use to going to confession and speaking to a priest and having the priest tell me what prayers to say.
I was absolutely lost when it came to prayer.
First of all I did not feel that I had all of the "good" words to be heard.
I thought that I had to have a lot of thee's and thou's.
A good friend told me, just talk to Jesus like you would talk to a friend.
The Lord of Lords and King of Kings is going to listen to me when I say-Hey Jesus?
The answer is yes.
Jesus and God know who you are and trust me that the more you pray the more powerful you will become.
So if you are beginning to pray, keep it real.
There is only one thing that is required. You must acknowledge Jesus in your prayer.
The word says "Jesus answered "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me..."John 14:6
So you must pray through Jesus Christ.
Remember that Jesus is our Intercessor.
Think of it as the chain of command.
You will develop your own method of acknowledging Jesus in your prayer, but here are a few ways to help you.
After you have prayed, say...In Jesus' name..Amen
During your prayer you may start each prayer off ..Lord Jesus, I pray..... Lord Jesus, I ask...
During your prayer you say after your request .. I pray that.... In Jesus name.. I ask for .... In Jesus name...
Now there is another important element of your prayer and that is the praise.
Sometimes people tell me that they are so stressed by their problems that they just can not see "the light at the end of the tunnel".
Sometimes people feel that they have to be happy in order to praise.
The Praise in your prayer is the element that moves your prayer to the "attention getting"mode.
No I am not saying that God listens to one prayer and not the other. God hears all prayers.
But.. there is something about the Praise in the prayer that attracts God.
God stops and says..wait a minute!
My child is in pain, my child is in trouble, my child needs help in their situation but they can still Praise me.
Do you see what just happened?
You took your attention off of your problems (even if it is just for a second) and put your attention on God.
I see the making of a great Intercessor :-)
So back to the Praise thing.
I know that you often say, I just can not see anything to praise about right now.
Let me help you out.
This is the Praise that I often have to say when I am in one of those moods.
Lord Jesus, I just want to thank Father God for waking me up today because somewhere someone did not wake up this morning.
Think about it.
You have another day! Even if it is problem filled, you have another day.
Give praise.


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