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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Is It Ok For Me To Pray For Myself??

In the beginning of my Christian walk, I use to feel a little selfish praying for myself. I use to wonder if I should be doing this?
Well I had to first look at what I was praying for.
Things like let me win the lottery.
Now I would never get upset if I won the lottery but there are so many basic things that I had to learn to pray for.
Start praying today for yourself.
Yes it is ok to pray for yourself.
But watch what happens.
Once you start praying for yourself and your needs something is going to happen.
Somewhere in your prayers you are going to call out someone else's name.
Unless you live in a cave with no interaction with an one, there are people in your life that effect you.
When you start praying for yourself then you are going to add a husband, child, parent, friend, etc.
These are the people who are involved in your life as well as you being involved in their life.
Do you see what happened??
Even though you are praying for yourself, you are also praying for someone else.
I think and Intercessor is being born.


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