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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Here We Go!!!!!

Well I was one of those who said I would not get caught up in the blogging craze.. Well here I am.

So you are interested in becoming an Intercessor? Your own Intercessor?

I guess the first place to begin is by defining what an Intercessor is?

Some would like to have a long lengthy description of what an Intercessor is but I prefer the simple definition....an Intercessor stands between.

That is right..an Intercessor stands between.

Ok great..that sounds easy right?? Ready to be an Intercessor?

Before you run around telling people that you are now an Intercessor...consider this.

It is what an Intercessor is standing between where things get interesting.

An Intercessor stands between a person and pretty much the enemy.

Who is the enemy

Some call him satan, the prince of darkness, the liar,the devil, etc...

What ever you call him, the Intercessor has told the enemy that he is going to have to give up the ground and give up the tricks and leave you alone.

Wait don't run. You can do it. You really have the power to take on the enemy and win.


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