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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Ok, by now you should be feeling pretty strong in your faith.
You should now find yourself praying for yourself and believe it or not you are most likely praying for someone else.
Things are going to be just great right?
Yes and No
The good thing about praying for yourself and for others is that you are building a very close relationship with the two Most important people in your life....God and Jesus
But sometimes, just sometimes you are choked.
These are the times when things come at you like a storm instead of simple raindrops.
These days you are going to feel so choked and overwhelmed that you can't pray for yourself let alone others.
There is a simple solution.
The name is Jesus.
That is right.
All you have to say is Jesus
There is power in His name.
So if all day you are just saying Jesus, it's ok.
He will understand what you are feeling.
Jesus will fix it.


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